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Super Balloon Garland

Balloons for Graduation

Destin0 Balloons creates unique balloon designs for graduation events and parties for graduation from elementary, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.  We have created unique balloon art for all types of graduations - K through 12, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorate degrees.   We can build creative additions to your party to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduate including balloon walls, garland, arches, columns, and bouquets.  We can use the graduate's favorite colors, traditional graduation colors, or school colors in all balloon designs. We can create balloon décor that fits in a school, on a stage, or in a house. We offer sizes of 3 feet plus for all of our custom balloon art.  Not sure which design to go with?  No worries - contact us to discuss your balloon needs!


Choose a design from the site or we can create a customized piece of balloon art to make sure your event pops!  Graduation is a special time and we are here to help with the décor, so you can focus on your graduate's special day!  We are a small business in Rogers, Arkansas - we charge based on our time to create, materials, delivery, and setup.  Shop on our page or reach out for more information.  Destin0 Balloons - Here to Make a Smile. 

Common balloon designs for birthday parties include:

  • Balloon walls 

  • Balloon garland 

  • Balloon columns 

  • Balloon arches 

  • Customized Balloon Art 

7x7 Balloon Wall
5ft Balloon Column
Super Balloon Garland
Balloon Garland
Super Balloon Wall on a Tree

Balloon Wall

Graduation 5 ft Balloon Column

Balloon Garland for Graduation

Balloon Garland

Tree Balloon Wall 

5 ft Balloon Column for Graduation

5ft Balloon Column

What our clients say about us:

"I'm an activity director for PACE of the Ozarks. We are an adult day center that provides all-inclusive care to the elderly. I reached out to G and his team to do a fall balloon Garland. Destin0 Balloons exceeded our expectations! The balloons garland was the highlight of our event. Our participants loved it. Don't use any one else! They are talented, caring and most importantly passionate about their art. Thanks Destin0 Balloons! We will be be back:)"

-- Tyler

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