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A Word from Gerardo - Creator of Destin0 Balloons

   My name is Gerardo Lopez, but I go by “G.” I am the owner and creator of Destin0 Balloons. I am the 1st generation here in the U.S from a family that comes from Mexico. From siblings of 6 total including a fraternal twin added in there to having my own 2 girls and now a step-son who is autistic.

   Destin0 Balloons was created first in my head on the day my daughter went to the Arkansas Children Hospital for having a seizure at 1. As I walked around the lobby and saw these kids feeling down and not a single smile to be seen. I thought to myself what would cheer up a 1yr old to 8yr old kid if i was to walk in the room. Not a clown because they are scary, not a magician because I can't do magic, but balloons! Balloons to create a picture or their favorite Disney characters. In January 2020, I started working on learning about balloons, where they come from, what they are made of, how they are made, and even how they are disposed of. The brands I found out to use are Tufflex, Qualatex, and Betallatex and they are all biodegradable and come from 100% natural latex.


Destin0 Balloons slogan is “Here to make a smile!” why, because of the kids I saw at the Children's Hospital. We are here to make people smile with 1 simple item and that is balloons.


Our mission is to donate 10% of our yearly profit, once we become profitable to the Arkansas Children's Hospital.  We would also like to do their balloon décor for future events as a donation.

My professional role in the balloon world is currently working on my balloon license to be a certified balloon artist. We have donated balloon buddies to The Meadows in Bentonville for seniors being alone during quarantine for COVID-19. 

Passion in life would be my kids and art. What gave me more inspiration in art was a trip to Miami with my now girlfriend and business partner. We took a walk down a town called Wynwood and the whole street was covered in art from the tallest building to the bench on the sidewalk. This is my inspiration in art. I want to bring it out in balloons as a balloon artist. My kids bring me passion because they love seeing me build balloon structures with all the different colors and sizes. 

--Best, G

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